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How can acpuncture help my pet?

Acupuncture can alleviate pain, as well as tap into the body’s own resources to heal illnesses. It can reduce the amount of prescription medications that we need to give our pets, and keep them in a healthier state so they may require less frequent visits to the vet. 


Acupuncture channels or meridians overly a network of important nerves and vessels. When we stimulate those underlying tissues with the acupuncture needle, we release important transmitters that can modulate pain, promote blood flow and oxygenation, and help heal tissues.  


Acupuncture can make a pet more comfortable if they have cancer, or are undergoing cancer treatment. It can help the older pet with their joints and movement. It can be a supportive treatment for many common veterinary conditions: allergies, skin and ear infections, asthma, kidney disease, endocrine disorders… and so much more. 

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